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STFM Education Columns are published monthly in the STFM Messenger. If you'd like to author an upcoming STFM Education Column, view submission guidelines.

JanuaryThe T-E-A-C-H Model: An Approach to Guide Residents as Teachers by Lisa K. Rollins, PhD

FebruaryImplementation of Residents as Teachers Curriculum in a New Family Medicine Residency Program by Sumira Koirala, MD and Lisa Weiss, MD

MarchImproving Family Medicine Residency Evaluation by Revamping the Clinical Competence Committee Process
by Danielle L. Terry, PhD, ABPP, Guthrie Family Medicine Residency Program

April—It Starts With Me: An Individualized Faculty Development Project to Enhance Resident Feedback in Family Medicine Residency Training by Velyn Wu, MD, FAAFP; Julie Nyquist, PhD; and James Tysinger, PhD

May—A Multidisciplinary Approach to Quality Improvement: An Innovative Teaching Intervention for Medical Students
by Malvika Sharma, MD; Amythest Gauthier

JunePreceptor Engagement Project Before and During COVID-19
by Olivia Ojano Sheehan, PhD, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine

JulyCurricular Adaptations to Lockdown:Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic at the Saint Francis Family Medicine Residency by Sarah M. Tiggelaar, MD; R. Shumon Rahman, MD; and Muneeza Khan, MD, Saint Francis Family Medicine Residency, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN

August—A Virtual Home Visit Module for Family Medicine Clerkship Students by Ebony B. Whisenant, MD, and Ashley Saucier MD, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University; and Nana Aisha Garba, MD, PhD, Florida International University by Ebony B. Whisenant, MD, and Ashley Saucier MD, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University; and Nana Aisha Garba, MD, PhD, Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

SeptemberThe Family Medicine Summer Academy: Introducing Rural Students to Family Medicine by Jon Kyle Melvin, MD; Gary L. Beck Dallaghan, PhD; Meredith Horne Bazemore, MPA; Sherry S. Hay, MPA; Kelly Lacy Smith, MD; Catherine Louw Coe, MD;  University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Department of Family Medicine

JanuaryFamily Medicine Clerkship Faculty Development: a Longitudinal, Team Endeavour! by Suzanne Minor, MD, Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH, Marquita Samuels, MBA, Jacqueline Sroka

FebruaryLGBTQ Education for All: Educational Programming for Students, Residents and Clinicians by Lynn M. Wilson, DO, Beth Careyva, MD, Judith Sabino, MPH, Nyann Biery, MS

MarchBoard Review Sessions: Clicker Use to Improve Knowledge Through Gamification by Jumana Antoun, MD, MSc

AprilPandemic Pedagogy: COVID Tips for Online Teaching
by Mark Stephens, MD

MarchUsing Telehealth for Clinical Teaching in Medical School During COVID-19 Times
by Leah Garfinkel Matthew, MD, Dartmouth College

JuneCreative Reflections on the Coronavirus Pandemic: A Virtual Exercise to Promote Learning and Well-Being
by Shannon Stark Taylor, PhD and Joel Amidon, MD, Prisma Health Family Medicine Residency, Greenville, SC

JulyImproving Preceptor Narrative Feedback Comments on Student Assessments: A Pilot Study
by Suzanne Minor, MD,  Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH, and Marquita Samuels, MBA, Florida International University

AugustThe Impact of Fluctuating Preceptors Recruitment and Retention in View of an Increasing Medical School Class Size by Dolapo Babalola, MD; Afolake Mobolaji MD; Bridgette Welch, MS-HRM; Rosalyn Stubbs, ABS,  Morehouse School of Medicine

SeptemberReflecting on Creating and Sustaining Scholarly Activity in a Community Residency
by Donald Pine, MD, University of Minnesota Methodist Hospital FMR, St. Louis Park, Minnesota; Richard Mitchell, MD, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; Teresa Quinn, MD, Lynn Manning, MD, , University of Minnesota Methodist Hospital FMR, St. Louis Park, Minnesota; Anne Schullo-Feulner, PharmD, BCPS, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis; Deborah Mullen, PhD, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 

October—Medical Students Driving the Development of a Health Promotion Program for Individuals With Intellectual Disabilities: A Suggested Model for Community/University Partnerships
by Sabrina Novenschi and Kate Martin, MD, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

NovemberTraining Postgraduate Learners in Laceration Repair Using Video Conference Technology
by Stephen K Stacey, DO, Erin F Morcomb, MD, Karen C Cowan, MD, Mark D McEleney, MD, Christopher J Tookey, MD, La Crosse-Mayo Family Medicine Residency, La Crosse, WI

DecemberInvolving Residents in Scholarly Activity
by Thomas Hahn, MD, Jensena Carlson, MD, and Sarina Schrager, MD, MS, University of Wisconsin

January—"Teaching Motivational Interviewing to Increase Student-Patient Engagement" by Maryse Pedoussaut, MD

February"Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: Experiences of a Junior Faculty Teaching an Experienced Faculty Learner" by James E. Hougas, III, MD

March"Teaching About Transgender Care in the Third-Year Family Medicine Clerkship" by Joshua St. Louis, MD, MPH, AAHIVS, and Amy L. Lee, MD

April—"Use Regional Education Forums to Engage Community-Based Family Medicine Preceptors" by Olivia Ojano Sheehan, PhD

May—"Peer Advisor Program: A Vertical Mentoring Curriculum in the OHSU School of Medicine Colleges" by Amy Wiser, MD and Amarprit Bains, MD

June"Shifting Perspectives: Educating Medical Students and Residents to Partner With Patients to Develop Better Clinical Interventions" by Elena Rosenbaum, MD and Angela Antonikowski, PhD, MA

July"Training Medical Students to Communicate Effectively With Interprofessionals Using a Simulated Electronic Health Record" by Zaiba Jetpuri, DO; Thomas Dalton, MD; Dan Sepdham, MD; Kate Bridges; Tamara McGregor, MD

August—"A Strategy to Help Improve Family Medicine In-Training Examination Scores" by Lisa Weiss, MD, MEd, Sumira Koirala, MD 

September—"Lessons From a Symposium on Incorporating Entrustable Professional Activities Into Medical School Curricula" by Tomoko Sairenji, MD, MS, Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH; Kirby Clark, MD; Kristen Hood Watson, MD; Danielle Bienz, MEd; Stephen Scott, MD, MPH; Javad Keyhani, MD; Suzanne Minor, MD; Franklyn Babb, MD; Magdalena Pasarica, MD, PhD; Christine Savi, PhD

October—"A Collaborative Approach to Family Planning Education in a Rural Family Medicine Residency" by Clara Keegan, MD, and Amanda Grafstein, MD, University of Vermont Medical Center; and Marji Gold, MD, Montefiore Medical Center

November—"Integrating Pain Specialty Care in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency Clinics" by Sara L. Jackson, MD, MPH, Jane Huntington, MD, Debra B. Gordon, RN, DNP, Daniel Krashin, MD, Ivan Lesnik, MD, Jane C. Ballantyne, MD

December—"Let’s Do Something About It: Addressing Race-Based Medicine in a Residency Program" by Andrea Westby, MD, Michelle Sherman PhD, Kathryn Justesen, MD, and Jason Ricco, MD, MPH



January"Integrating an Interdisciplinary Hepatitis C Virus Curriculum Into a Family Medicine Residency" by Crystal Zhou, PharmD, Andrea Jochim, MD, PhD, Christopher Behrens, MD, Alvin Goo, PharmD, and Ying Zhang, MD, MPH

March—"Peer Teaching in a Third-Year Family Medicine Clerkship" by Marquita Samuels, BA and Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH

April—"Residency Curriculum Enhancement: A Fundamental Education Tool to Improve Antibiotic Prescribing " by Becky Linn, PharmD, BCPS and Benjamin Smith, MD

May—"Educating Residents About Intimate Partner Violence Using Didactics and Practice" by Sireesha Reddy, MD; Iris Price, MA; Lola Aguiniga, LCSW

June—"Curriculum Evolution: Innovations From a New Medical School" by Lauren Fine, MD

July—"Continuing Reproductive Education for Advanced Training Efficacy: A Novel Collaborative Program to Support Abortion Practice and Family Planning Advocacy Beyond Residency" by Grace Shih, MD, MAS; Ying Zhang, MD, MPH; and Sarah McNeil, MD

August—"Residents as Partners in the Creation, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Regional CME Course: An Innovative Way to Foster Residents’ Academic Development" by Sukhjeet Kamboj, MD, Abdul Waheed, MD, Michael Malone, MD, Tara Kennedy, MD, and Ayesha Abid

September—"Faculty Development: The Resident in Difficulty" by Courtney Humphrey, MD

October—"Statewide Collaboration to Promote Research by Family Medicine Residents and Students" by Montgomery Douglas, MD, Stephanie Rosener, MD, Henry Yoon, MD, Howard Selinger, MD, Hugh Blumenfeld, MD, PHD, and Mark Schumann

November—"Public Health at the Bedside: Integrating Public Health Training in a Family Medicine Clerkship" by Sean P. Haley, MD MPH; Cristin S. Adams, DO

December—"Training to Heal: Designing Curriculum to Teach and Assess Empathy in Medical Education" by Nikette Neal, MD

January—"Piloting the Core Entrustable Professional Activities for Entering Residency" by David R. Brown, MD, Abbas Hyderi, MD, MPH, and Jamie B. Warren, MD, MPH

February—"Developing Tools to Assess Interprofessional Practice Behaviors in Outpatient Family Medicine Settings" by Stephanie White, DO, and David Dickter, PhD

March—"Clerkship Didactics: Re-examining Our Pedagogical Approach Within Longitudinal Integrated Curricula" by Joshua Bernstein, MD and Sarah Wood, MD

AugustUsing Standardized Patients to Engage Students in Family Medicine Clerkship Didactics by Sarah E. Stumbar, MD, MPH; Marquita Samuels, BA; Samantha Syms, MA

SeptemberGoal-Oriented Assessment of Learning (GOAL): An Individualized Learning Plan for Residents by Thomas W. Hahn, MD, Jensena Carlson, MD, and Patrick Huffer, MD

OctoberIntroducing Residents to Socioeconomic Barriers of Health by Patrick Masseo, MA; Jose Tiburcio, MD; Doug Reich, MD; Arafat Omidiran, MHA

NovemberThe Vape-Free School Project: An Educaton Initiative to Address e-Cigarette Use Among High School Youth by Bryan Leyva; Rashaud Senior: Alison Riese, MD, MPH; Jordan White, MD, MPH; Paul George, MD, MHPE; Patricia J. Flanagan, MD

DecemberModel of Precepting: Qualitative Analysis of Resident Preferences by Julie Radico, PsyD, MS; Stephanie Gill, MD, MPH; Linda Kanzleiter, DEd, MPsSc, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

January—"The Roles of High-Fidelity Simulation in a Family Medicine Residency" by David Klee, MD

February—"Playing the Part: Effective Resident Orientation for Group Medical Visits Using a Mock Visit" by Carmen Strickland, MD, MPH

March—"'On-the-Fly' Evaluations: Promoting Resident Feedback" by Rebecca Burke, MD and Victor Sierpina, MD

April—"Adapting the Pre-Participation Physical Exam for Athletes With Disabilities" by Seth VanZant, MSII; Laurie Woodard, MD; Michelle Hummel; Eric Coris, MD

May—"Online Family Medicine Clerkship Newsletters: Building Community and Providing Faculty Development" by Sarah E. Stumbar, MD, MPH; Irmanie Eliacin, MD

June—"Reflective Practice Curricula: Implementation and Facilitation" by Adam K. Saperstein, MD; Karlen S. Bader, BS

July—"The Importance of Reach Out and Read in Family Medicine Training" by Gayle Thomas, MD, Keyona Oni, MD, Cheryl Holder, MD, and Suzanne Minor, MD

August—"Using a Donor-Centered Development Model to Engage Community Preceptors" by Joanna Drowos, DO, MPH, MBA; Mario Jacomino, MD, MPH; Mark J. Di Corcia, PhD, OTR; Lee A. Learman, MD, PhD

September—"Promoting Wellness in a Family Medicine Residency Program" by Barbara Kiersz, DO; Stacy Obeigde, PsyD, MS; Mark Nadeau, MD, MBA, FAAFP

October—"Qualitative Research in Family Medicine Education" by Sarah Stumbar, MD, MPH, and David Brown, MD

November—"The Use of Blogs in Medical Education" by Tamara Oser, MD and Sean Oser, MD, MPH

January—"Stimulating Research Capacity in Family Medicine Residencies by Engaging Programs in Both Research and Quality Improvement" by Allison M Cole, MD, MPH, et al.

February—"Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Learner Satisfaction and Faculty Promotion" by Karly Pippitt, MD, & David Norris, MD

March—"The TeleOSCE: Providing Simulated Telemedicine Training for Medical Students" by Ryan Palmer, EdD

April—"The Student-Run Clinic: A Setting for Team-Based Interprofessional Education" by Wendy C. Hsiao et al.

May—"Getting the Most Out of Mobile Devices in Primary Care: Remember Its More Than a Pager" by Todd Fredricks, DO & Larry Hurtubise, MA

June—"A Revitalized Community Medicine Course for Third-Year Medical Students" by Leslie Patterson, PhD, and Rebecca Bernstein, MD

July—"Creation of Primary Care Continuing Medical Education (CME) Conference Designed as a Resident and Junior Faculty Development Tool" by Michael Malone, MD, George Pujalte, MD, Jeffrey Baker, MD, Neha Kaushik MD, and Abdul Waheed, MD

August—"The Peer Instruction Method: An Alternative Approach for Facilitating Interprofessional Education" by John Bucheit, PharmD, BCACP, CDE, Ruchi Patel, MD, and Robert Pallay, MD

September—"Student-Developed Training Day Workshops as a Way of Promoting Women’s Health Education Early in Medical Schoolby Ashley Rae Martinez, MD; Julia Shinnick, BA; and Joelle Rosser, MD

October—"The Resident Assistance Committee" by Lawrence R. Fischetti, PhD; Michelle Diebold, MD; James Meza, MD, PhD

November—"ARCH: A Guidance Model for Providing Effective Feedback to Learners" by S. Dennis Baker, PhD; Gregory Turner, EdD; Suzanne C. Bush, MD

December—"Frontier and Rural Medicine (FARM): Cultivating a Rural Health Care Workforce" by Valerie L. Hearns, MD; Susan M. Anderson, MD; Laura Harmelink, RN

January—"Teaching About Patients With Complexity" by Justin Osborn, MD, and Allison Cole, MD

February—"What's the SCOOP on HIT?" by Margot Savoy, MD, MPH, and Mary Stephens, MD, MPH

April—"Increasing Medical Student Exposure to Career Diversity in Family Medicine Increases Interest in Family Medicine" by Tamara Oser, MD

May—"Addressing Student Concerns Regarding a Remote Family Medicine Clerkship Site" by Jeanne Cawse-Lucas, MD

June—"Communicating Effectively With the Millennial Generation Medical Student" by Suzanne Minor, MD

July—"Improving Diagnosis of Migraine in Primary Care" by Karly Pippitt, MD

August—"A Practical Approach to Teaching Systems-Based Practice" by Lisa Weiss, MD, MEd; Susan Labuda-Schrop, PhD; LuAnne Stockton, BS, BA

September—"Using a Learning Portfolio to Teach Emotional Intelligence Using the Competencies and Milestones" by Sonya Dominguez, MD and Terri Wall, PhD

October—"Prioritizing Group Time for Residency Faculty Helps Achieve Program Goals" by Gina Glass, MD

November—"A Leadership Curriculum for Family Medicine Residents" by Neha Sachdev, MD, Deborah L. Edberg, MD, Santina Wheat, MD, MPH, Mary R. Talen, PhD

December—"Family Medicine Residents’ SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral for Treatment):The Patient’s Perception" by Brenda Moore, DO; Alicia Kowalchuk, DO; Vicki Waters, MS, PA-C; Larry Laufman, EdD; Ygnacio Lopez III, MS; Elizabeth H. Shilling, PhD; Jane Corboy, MD; Fareed Khan, MD; James Bray, PhD

January—"Active Learning and Student-Driven Curriculum" by Cathleen Morrow, MD

February—"Teaching Preceptors to Give Feedback" by Mari Egan, MHPE, MD

March—"The One Minute Learner" by Miriam Hoffman, MD, and Molly Cohen-Osher, MD

April—"Tips for Talking to Teens About Confidentiality" by Vicki Hayes, MD

May—"Positive Approaches to Affirming Professionalism in Medical Education" by Lynda G. Montgomery, MD, MEd

June—"What’s New and Exciting in Interprofessional Education?" by Gwen Wagstrom Halaas, MD, MBA

August—"Coffee Talks: How Physicians Balance Evidence-Based Medicine With Clinical Experience" by Todd Felix, MD

January—"Men’s Health: Development of a Niche Curriculum in Family Medicine" by Joel J. Heidelbaugh, MD

February—"Geriatric Home Assessment" by Steven K. Swedlund, MD, and Richard W. Pretorius, MD, MPH

March—"One Minute Preceptor Turns 20" by Mozella Williams, MD

May—"Teaching Skin Procedures in Family Medicine" by Peggy R. Cyr, MD, MS

June—"DiffInE—A Clinical Tool to Promote Diagnostic Reasoning" by Vince WinklerPrins, MD, Robin DeMuth, MD, Julie Phillips, MD, MPH; Dianne Wagner, MD

July—"Getting to Know Your New Medical Students" by Sara Young, MD, MS

October—"Residents Are Educators Too: Overview of an Osteopathic Curriculum in a Dually Accredited Family Medicine Residency Program" by Julie Dahl-Smith, DO, DABMA

October—"Teaching in the Patient's Presence (TIPP) in the Clinic Exam Room: A Best Practice for Family Medicine" by David Power, MD, MPH

November—"Working With Medical School Colleagues" by Kathleen D. Brooks, MD, MBA, MPA

December—"Top 10 'Words of Wisdom' for Junior Faculty" by Kathryn Conniff, MD, and Richard Colgan, MD

January—"Community Service and the Role of the FMIG" by Ashley DeVilbiss Bieck, MPA by Amanda Kost, MD, Daniel Ruegg, MD, Sharon Dobie, MD

February—"Benefits of Co-training Family Medicine Residents and Mental Health Professionals" by Michele S. Smith, PhD

March—"Geriatric Education for Resident Physicians in a Continuing Care Retirement Community" by Mozella Williams, MD

April—"Opioid Therapy for Chronic Non-cancer Pain: Avoiding the All or Nothing Approach" by Robert Mallin, MD

May—"Sitting in the Career Advisor Chair: Five Discussion Topics for the Student Advising Session" by Melissa Bradner, MD, MSHA

June—"Integrative Medicine Training for Family Physicians" by James S. Lin, MD, and Folashade Omole, MD

July—"Every Medical Student Should Go to Jail" by Fred Rottnek, MD, MAHCM

August—"Direct Observation: What It Is and How to Effectively Perform It" by Stephen Wilson, MD, MPH, and Gretchen Shelesky, MD, MS

September—"A Recipe for Addressing Health Literacy" by Amanda Kost, MD; Daniel Ruegg, MD; Sharon Dobie, MD

October—"Improving the Difficult Patient Visit" by Rachel Franklin, MD

November—"Partnering With a New Nursing Home to Provide Geriatric Experience to Family Medicine Resident Physicians: Lessons Learned—Positive and Negative" by Ariel Cole, MD, and John Fleming, MD

January—"Scholarly Activity in Residency—What Does It Mean for You?" by Sally P. Weaver, PhD, MD

February—"Vaccines 2010" by Donald B. Middleton, MD

March—"Family History Gets An Update" by Greg Feero, MD, PhD

April—"Successful Models of Global Health Education" by Shannon Bolon, MD, MPH; Christoper Morley, PhD; Scott Loeliger, MD, Christy O'Dea, MD

May—"Yes We Can...and Did!" by Deborah Taylor, PhD

June—"The Student-run Free Clinic: If Your University Doesn't Have One, It Should" by Wanda Gonsalves, MD

August—"Scholarly Pairings for Academic and Research Collaboration: Getting the Most Out of the Academic Environment" by Christopher Morley, PhD

September—"A New Web-based Adolescent Health Curriculum" by Nicole Chaisson, MD, Francesco Leanza, MD, Alison Warford, MD

October—"New Duty Hours: Bridging the Patient Encounter Gap" by Hunter Woodall, MD

November—"Interprofessional Education and Service: Teaching and Learning With Meaning" by Steve Crossman, MD

December—"Incorporating Women's Health Preventive Care Into Each Visit: The Five Things" by E. Blake Fagan, MD