Key Initiatives

Positioning Academic Family Medicine in Health Systems

STFM has launched an initiative, chaired by Christine Arenson, MD, to:

  • Ensure that family medicine facultyincluding community preceptors in non-academic settingshave sufficient time and institutional resources to teach and meet academic and accreditation requirements
  • Preserve comprehensive practice for family physicians and family medicine faculty who wish to practice broad scope
  • Improve faculty and learner well-being
  • Transform family medicine training sites into clinical and teaching models of excellence.

This initiative addresses multiple strategies and tactics in the STFM Strategic Plan. “Most physicians are employed by health systems,” said STFM Deputy Director Mary Theobald. “Our Board of Directors recognizes how important it is for our members to understand the systems in which they work, and how decisions are made.” In addition to educating members on the business of medicine, this initiative also includes tactics around making the business case to health systems leaders for investment in primary care/family medicine.

The initiative builds on STFM’s work on the Preceptor Expansion Initiative and Protected Faculty Time Guidelines, and aligns with the collaborative efforts of the family medicine organizations to engage with health systems leaders to preserve comprehensive training and practice for family physicians, improve health outcomes, and identify and spread best practices for optimizing the role of family medicine.

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