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Partnerships & Support

Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities for a Virtual Only Conference

Cost: $750

Partners will receive:

  • Partner’s company or institutional logo on the STFM conference website to link to your website
    (Partner will be required to provide logo and website information)

  • Partner recognition as a group in special Facebook and Twitter post.
    (Social media post will link to partner page with logo and website link)

  • Partner logo in a “welcome to the conference” email to all conference participants.
    (Partner will be required to provide logo and website information)

  • Partners will be recognized on a slide prior to the virtual conference’s General Sessions
    (Partner will be required to provide company or institutional logo)

  • Partners will receive (1) complimentary registration to participate in the live sessions and special events of
    virtual conference, as well as access to all on-demand presentations.
    (Partner will be required to complete a registration form with participant information.)

  • Partners will have the opportunity to participate in a live "breakfast with partners" on Wednesday, Sept. 15; 9–10 am CDT to meet with conference participants, to share more about your product/service
    (attendance may be limited). 

  • Partners are invited to participate in the conference welcome reception to meet and mingle with attendees!
    (date and time TBA)

  • Partners will receive a conference attendee list one week following the virtual conference.
    (Note: attendee list may not be used to contact attendees via email; STFM reserves the right to review and approve all partner materials before being mailed to conference attendees.)

  • Partners will be included on a “Virtual Partner Hall List” to be emailed to all attendees. This will provide partners with the opportunity to share more detailed information about your product/service. STFM will include your website link with your description.
    (Partner will be required to provide a 250 word description of your product/service.)

Application Process:

STFM is limiting this offer to the first 10 partners who apply and are accepted by the STFM External Support Review Committee. This ensures our partners will enjoy maximum visibility and interaction with conference attendees. Applicants will be notified within 5 business days regarding application status. 

To become a partner, complete an Application of Interest.

View the Terms of Agreement


Contact Ray Rosetta, CMP, at, or Melissa Abuel at