Bishop Society

The Bishop Society is a community of experienced senior leaders in STFM and is intended to recognize senior leaders in academic family medicine, to provide a forum for them to interact with one another, and to contribute to STFM’s mission.

Goals of the Bishop Society:

  1. To recognize and honor STFM members who have made distinguished career contributions to academic family medicine
  2. To create a forum for these leaders to interact and communicate with one another
  3. To encourage senior leaders to remain actively involved in STFM even for those who have assumed leadership roles outside of the discipline
  4. To create a resource for mentorship and leadership training for STFM members
  5. To create a resource for counsel and advice for STFM leaders
  6. To work on projects and activities at the request of STFM leaders

The Bishop Society will serve as a resource to STFM and the community of academic family medicine. The Society will hold an annual Bishop Society meeting at each STFM Annual Spring Conference to discuss current challenges facing our discipline.

Bishop Society members may also be:

  • Speakers for STFM fellowship programs
  • Developers of leadership sessions at conferences
  • Coaches for STFM leadership programs and activities
  • Advisors to STFM leadership on issues of relevance to academic medicine

Contact Us


11400 Tomahawk Creek Parkway

Leawood, KS 66211

(800) 274-7928





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