How to Enroll Students in STFM's Telemedicine Course

STFM's telemedicine course is free for STFM members. Individual students can join STFM and sign in at any time to access the modules. Student membership is free. 

Faculty: Here's how to enroll multiple students at once:

  1. Complete this spreadsheet with names and contact information for the students you'd like to enroll. Send the completed spreadsheet to Emily Nitcher at
  2. Emily will create memberships and membership accounts for all the students. 
  3. Students will receive system-generated emails with prompts to create their login credentials. They should follow the prompts in the emails. 
  4. Students can then goes to the telemedicine curriculum page and can download the modules. The system might ask require them to log in again, if they logged out after setting up their credentials.

If you'd like to track module completions, have students download certificates of completions at the end of each module evaluation. They can share those with you.



If you have questions about enrolling your students in the telemedicine course, contact Emily Nitcher.

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