Call for Applications: STFM Program Assessment Chair 

Deadline to apply is September 9, 2019


Job Description and Specifics Related to Role

Job Description/Duties: The Program Assessment Chair is responsible for working with STFM program champions and staff to regularly evaluate their programs. The program assessment chair will work closely with the executive director/CEO to:

  • Lead regular reviews of identified STFM programs and activities, working with lead staff and member champions of these programs to provide clear and accurate assessment reports to the board.
  • Monitor how the programs are meeting their board-approved goals and objectives. Note progress from prior year assessments. Ask clarifying questions of program champions and make suggestions to improve clarity of reports.
  • Work with staff and program leaders to identify key discussion items as needed for the STFM board, including revision of goals and objectives.
  • Present key points and facilitate discussion of assessments with the Executive Committee and STFM Board. These discussions will occur in person at the STFM Annual Spring Conference and via conference calls for the July, December, and February board meetings.
  • Track feedback from the Executive Committee and board and provide this feedback to program champions and lead staff.

Term: The STFM Program Assessment Chair serves a 4-year term that begins at the end of the STFM Annual Spring Conference. The term is not renewable.

Number of Assessments: STFM currently has 20 programs and activities it assesses annually. Programs are removed and added to the list as new activities emerge and/or sunset. The number of programs reviewed at each board meeting ranges from two to seven.

Time Commitment: Approximately 30 hours a year, not including time to travel to STFM spring board meeting. Each assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to review and discuss electronically with program champions and staff. Board and Executive Committee calls are 1.5-2 hours for each of the four meetings.

Travel: The only travel involved with the position is to attend the board meeting held on the preconference day of the STFM Annual Spring Conference. STFM does not pay for travel support to attend the annual meeting; however, the Society will cover one night’s lodging and a meal if travel to the annual meeting requires the assessment chair to arrive the day prior to the board meeting. Program assessment chairs are invited to observe board meetings as interested.


  • Expertise at developing goals, objectives, and metrics.
  • Ability to see at a high level how programs fit into STFM priorities.
  • Organized and able to track details related to STFM programs and their evolution.
  • Able to manage multiple assessments within a time period of 2 weeks.
  • Strong communicator; gives supportive feedback to program champions and staff.
  • Responsive and willing to review and provide feedback in a timely manner.

Candidates should submit a biosketch and letter of interest outlining their interest and qualities that align with the competencies listed with the position. Submit applications by September 9, 2019 to Pat Lodge, STFM executive assistant,, 800-274-7928, ext. 5528.

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