Light the Torch Club

Thank you to the Light the Torch donors

The Light the Torch Club was created in 2017 to celebrate STFM's 50th Anniversary and those generous donors who have contributed at least $5,000 over their lifetime to the STFM Foundation.

We celebrate these loyal donors who have provided that spark, that inspiration through our Foundation programs, to light the fire inside our faculty to excel as teachers, achieve new heights as leaders, and advance their scholarly work for the benefit of the discipline.

If you would like to join the Light the Torch Club, contact Mindy Householder at, 800-274-7928.



Suzanne Allen, MD, MPH Robert Graham, MD, and Jane Henney, MD John Rogers, MD, MPH, MEd
Robert Avant, MD Mary Hall, MD John Saultz, MD
Mac Baird, MD, MS Larry Halverson, MD Joseph Scherger, MD, MPH
Kay Bauman, MD, MPH Caryl Heaton, DO Edward Schwartz, MD
Joan E Baumer, MD Warren Heffron, MD Tom Schwenk, MD
Diane Beebe, MD Jim Herman, MD, MSPH Bill Schwer, MD
Janice Benson, MD David Holub, MD Ed Shahady, MD
Steve Bogdewic, PhD Bill Hueston, MD Roger Sherwood, CAE
Marjorie Bowman, MD, MPA Vince Hunt, MD Bill Shore, MD, FAAFP
Kent Bream, MD Paul James, MD Deb Simpson, PhD
Stacy Brungardt, CAE Cynda Johnson, MD, MBA Michael Sitorius, MD
Beth Burns, MD, MA David Keahey, MSPH, PAC Jay Siwek, MD
Lucy Candib, MD Rick Kellerman, MD Susan Skochelak, MD, MPH
Dan Castro, MD Sandy Kimmel, MD Frank Snope, MD
Peter Catinella, MD, MPH Stan Kozakowski, MD Jeannette South-Paul, MD
Heidi Chumley, MD Jerry Kruse, MD, MSPH Linda Speer, MD
Peter Coggan, MD, MSEd Tony Kuzel, MD, MHPE Jeff Stearns, MD
Byron Crouse, MD Shou Ling Leong, MD Beat Steiner, MD, MPH
Sam Cullison, MD Randy Longenecker, MD Curt Stine, MD
Rob Cushman, MD Sam Matheny, MD, MPH Rick Streiffer, MD
Alison Dobbie, MD Amy McGaha, MD Harry Strothers, MD, MMM
Alan Douglass, MD Joel Merenstein, MD Jeff Susman, MD
Patrick Dowling, MD, MPH Lew Miller, MS, CCMEP David Swee, MD
Nancy Elder, MD, MSPH Carlos Moreno, MD, MSPH Robert Taylor, MD
John Epling, MD, MSEd Cathy Morrow, MD Deborah Taylor, PhD
Scott Fields, MD, MHA Betsy Naumburg, MD Barbara Thompson, MD
Edgar Figueroa, MD, MPH Michael O'Dell, MD, MSHA Janet Townsend, MD
Evelyn Figueroa, MD Dan Ostergaard, MD Jim Tysinger, PhD
Josh Freeman, MD Paul Paulman, MD Richard Usatine, MD
John Frey, MD Mark Penn, MD Bill Wadland, MD
Sim Galazka, MD Ted Phillips, MD Lorraine Wallace, PhD
Betsy Garrett, MD, MSPH Bill Phillips, MD, MPH Vince WinklerPrins, MD
Val Gilchrist, MD Perry Pugno, MD, MPH, CPE J. Mack Worthington, MD
Melly Goodell, MD Denise Rodgers, MD Nik Zervanos, MD
Gilberto Granados, MD Patricia Eiff, MD Tim Munzing, MD
Bill Ventres, MD, MA Freddie Chen, MD, MPH Judy Washington, MD

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