Gifts Made In Honor or Memory Of


In Honor Of

  • Stephen Bodgewic, PhD by Susan McDaniel, PhD
  • Stacy Brungardt by Steven Zweig, MD
  • Lucy Candib, MD by Valerie Gilchrist, MD
  • Ardis Davis, MSW by Rick Kellerman, MD
  • Stanley Erney, MD by Patricia Darcy, MSW
  • John Frey, MD by Jeanette South-Paul, MD
  • John Frey, MD by Bill Ventres
  • Michael Gabriel by Joanna Drowos, DO
  • Jeri Hepworth, PhD by Robert Cushman, MD
  • Joel Merenstein, MD by Edward Foley, MD
  • Barbara Miller, MD by Janelle Whitt, DO
  • Fred Miser, MD by Linda Stone, MD
  • Dennis Mull, MD by Gilbetto Granados, MD
  • Priscilla Noland by Rick Kellerman, MD
  • Priscilla Noland by Steven Crawford, MD
  • Priscilla Noland by Rick Streiffer, MD
  • Dan Ostergaard, MD by Vincent Hunt, MD
  • Luis Samaniego, MD by Jeffrey Ring, MD
  • Edward Shahady, MD by Michael Petrizzi, MD
  • Sara Shields, MD by Kristina Gracey, MD
  • Jeannette South-Paul, MD by Richard Zimmerman, MD, MPH
  • Tais Tonore, MD by David Norris, MD
  • James Tysinger, PhD by Ray Rosetta
  • Richard Walton, MD by David Deci, MD
  • Dana Greco, CAE, Bonnie Jortberg, MD, Ray Rosetta, CMP, and the entire MSE Committee by Karly Pippitt, MD
  • STFM's Committment to Health Equity by Bonzo Reddick, MD, MPH
  • The Founders of the Minority and Multicultural Health Collaborative by Judy Washington, MD

In Memory Of

  • F. Marian Bishop, PhD, MSPH by Nikitas Zervanos, MD
  • Linda Farley by Victoria Gorski, MD
  • Harvey Franklin Harris by Jerry Kruse, MD, MSPH
  • Julie Mears Henry by Julie Beets
  • Joel Merenstein, MD by Stephen Wilson, MD, MPH
  • Sey Park, MD by Peter Carek, MD
  • Jorge Prieto, MD by Janice Benson, MD
  • Joseph Prusak by Lisa Pursak, MD
  • Jack Rodnick, MD by David Swee, MD
  • Leo Schwartz, MD by Robert Schwartz, MD
  • Gabe Smilkstein by Joan Baumer, MD
  • Perry Tippy, MD by Sharon Smaga, MD
  • Anna WinklerPrins by Vince WinklerPrins, MD
  • Paul Young, MD by Barbara Thompson, MD

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